10 Mar 11 Black Christmas movie review

‘Final Destination’ – great film), but un-like so many others; it did manage to e up trumps; such as ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.’ This is a remake of Bob Clarke’s 1974 classic slasher movie, ‘Black Christmas’; which actually came four years before John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’. Some fans lay claim that it was the original slasher flick.From the outside, this looks like just another of your basic ‘there’s a psycho hacking up a bunch of pretty girls, who are running up the stairs instead of out of the door,’ and to a certain extent that’s correct, it’s the way this is conveyed which is interesting and enticing to watch.The story: crazed killer, Billy Lenz, escapes his psychiatric ward and is determined to make it to his childhood home, where he was abused, by Christmas. Problem is, it’s years later and the home is now a Sorority house. It’s Christmas Eve and a who’s who of teenhorror girl stars are there to wele him, including Melissa (Michelle Trachtenberg , ‘Buffy the vampire slayer’ fame), Heather (Mary Elizabeth Winstead, ‘Final Destination 3’), Dana (Lacey Chabert, ‘Mean Girls’) and Kelli (Katie Cassidy, ‘When a stranger calls’ remake.)This movie is actually pretty good, it has a constant feeling of being watched that runs right through it and adds a sparkle to the scares, and the tension is kept high. The actresses, although spouting some awful lines at times, also say some good ones. The acting is good, and because most of the leading ladies are stars, and most of them horrorWashington Capitals jersey
stars, the audience doesn’t guess which one is going to make it to the rolling credits. The story-line builds well, and there is a mounting tension, as the killer first phones the girls, and then starts to do away with them.A similar storyline to the original ‘Halloween’, with a killer ing home for the holidays, there are also many similar P.O.V shots of the killer, watching the girls throughout the house. The Christmas theme bleeds in nicely with the plot, and it es across in places (especially, the flash-backs to Billy Lenz’s childhood) like something, director, Tim Burton, would dream up. The film gets darker and darker as we move through it, with some very violent scenes, and the music by Shirley Walker is great; capturing horror and Christmas all in one twisted melody. Also, the use of red and green lighting throughout (owed to Christmas) is very cool, and creates a great atmosphere.Due to it being set in a Sorority house, and this no longer being 1974, some of the dialogue just doesn’t cut it. I can’t imagine many of these girls’ staying in the house with a crazed serial killer, just because they can’tCapitals jersey
find their ‘sorority sister,’ believable in 2007 – sad, but true. There is, unfortunately, the obligatory shower scene, but it’s used for scares, not thrills, and so works.Right from the start you can tell, this isn’t your usual run of the mill slasher, it actually has a back story, and we do find ourselves caring for some of the characters, for example, Kelli, played by Katie Cassidy is great; plus if you hated ‘Dawn’ in ‘Buffy the vampire slayer’ – you are gonna love this movie.Article Source: abcarticledirectoryvisit our movies collection and find there a Horror genre section.Note: The content of this article solely conveys the opinion of its author, Misty CopherRetargeting by ChangoDid You Like This Article? Share It With YourFriends!Please Rate this Article 5 out of 54 out of 53 out of 52 out of 51 out of 5 Not yet Rated Click the XML Icon to Receive Free Articles About Movies Film via RSS!Additional Articles From - Home Arts Movies FilmWhy Calibrate your High Definition TV?- By : Robert ShefferSweet Phone - By : Tim Webb.Find out Home Theater Methods! What You have Been Missing in Your TV and Movie Encounter.- By : Joesph MellbergPreparing and Setting up a Home Theater system is Easier Than you Think!- By : Zachariah DivensGrown Ups 2010 MovieHockey Jersey
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5 Mar 11 How Affiliate Marketing Works

How Affiliate Marketing WorksBy: Jennifer Lavoie .... Click author's name to view profile and articles!!!Retargeting by ChangoTweet There are several companies in the Internet marketplace that are capturing a piece of the affiliate pie by bringing affiliate marketers together with companies offering commissions for sales. Their role is to manage the affiliate programs for the companies while ensuring the sites offering referral links are paid commissions in a timely manner.While a few companies manage their own affiliate-marketing program, the use of affiliate marketing NHL Jersey
corporations is growing with the trend becoming more popular, freeing company resources to concentrate on customer service. It also allows the companies to use the information from referred visitors for lead generation.The landing page for most companies contains requirements to register to use the site. Minimum, information is requested (as opposed to mandated), enabling companies to gather visitor information. This works well for companies offering items or services, which are not considered renewable. For example, shoppers for music, food items and other disposable items will be shopping for them frequently, while those seeking mortgage information or for re-mortgaging their homes will generally do so only once or twice in their lifetime.By using affiliate marketing, these companies have thousands of other websites sending visitors their way instead of relying on expensive advertising and marketing, possibly limiting their exposure to potential customers specifically searching for that specific type of information. It can tap into additional markets where they may have been missing the boat.Affiliate marketing corporations can also help review websites applying to be affiliates, reducing the possibility of a website offering services that is not in the company's best interests from displaying their ads. For instance, a website that sells religious materials may not want to be affiliated with websites for gambling or adult oriented materials. Of course, this goes both ways, as a church may not want to place ads for gambling on their site.Generally, a Tampa Bay Lightning jersey
company signed with an affiliate marketing corporation will supply a variety of link styles, including text links, graphics links, banners, and even search box links for affiliates to choose from. These links rest on the corporation's website and are gleaned by the affiliate for the best fit for their sites. The corporation will then track the activity for the link including the number of impressions, the number of clicks as well as the amount of purchases and commissions due the affiliate site.Affiliate marketing corporations however, do not work for free. They often receive a cut of the sale in addition to the affiliates. While this adds to the cost of making a sale, the companies realize that without the additional exposure the sales probably would not happen, and they get the additional benefit of customer information for potential future sales.Article Source: http://www.shop-on-sale.com Jennifer Lavoie is a home-based business coach. Using Robert Kiyosaki's teaching, she helping others to build passive income businesses and retire early and free. www.retirefree.wsNote: The content of this article solely conveys the opinion of its author, Jennifer LavoieRetargeting by ChangoDid You Like This Article? Share It With YourFriends!Please Rate this Article 5 out of 54 out of 53 out of 52 out of 51 out of 5 Not yet Rated Click the XML Icon to Receive Free Articles About Affiliate Programs What Cloth Diaper Provides The Top Match For Newborns?- By : mirtagaylWhat is Affiliate Marketing and Why You Should Do It?- By : James A AndersonEarning Money Quickly With Email Marketing - True or False?- By : chad buistMoney Creating Tips For Individuals Involved In An Online Affiliate Marketing Home Business- By : Johnny BarrellGlobal Success Club And How To Make Money Online- By : Don Lightning jersey
SeanMake Cash Over The Internet With Affiliate Marketing- By : Leroy WheelerWhich Affiliate Networks To Look Out For When Promoting ?- By : Elsa Braxton Still Searching? Last Chance to find what you're looking for. Try using Bing Search!

5 Mar 11 Affiliate Marketing Gets Easier for Newbies and Experienced Marketers Alike

Affiliate Marketing Gets Easier for Newbies and Experienced Marketers AlikeBy: wealthbuilder1 .... Click author's name to view profile and articles!!!Retargeting by ChangoTweet A unique, on line training course lets 'would-be' Internet moguls learn while they earnFebruary 28, 2007. Singapore -- Achieving the dream of having a profitable, home based business just got a lot easier with the launch of Ewen Chia's Affiliate of the Month affiliate marketing training membership site. This unique, on line training course lets would-be Internet moguls earn while they learn.The Montreal Canadiens jersey
best advise I was ever given was, “Don't Listen to anyone unless they can prove they have done it themselves” Well, Ewen Chia can certainly own up to that. For 8 long years, he's been the top earning super affiliate on the Internet - in the MOST competitive market on line! - 'Internet Marketing recourses'. You don't have to take my word for it, Top marketing Gurus such as Mike Filsaime, John Reese, and Mark Joyner, to name a few, all agree that “He'd be one of the very first people to contact if a budding affiliate wanted to learn the ropes - no question!”As one if the Internet's Top Affiliates he has not only, 'Been There', 'Done That','Got the Tee Shirt', and now 'Written the Book', well several actually. In his latest offering he supplies a Details Blueprint that covers absolutely everything any aspiring or experienced Affiliate Marketer would ever need to promote just about any Affiliate Program or product This awesome package comprise no less that Three E-Books, covering (Affiliate Business Basics, through choosing products, promotions, and all the marketing tools required to guarantee your success. All this backed up with over 30 Video TutorialsAll the tools and strategies contained in the Affiliate of the Month can be applied to all types of programs or products, even to marketing your own program, with your own Affiliate program, once your ready to make that leap Members enjoy access to current training materials showing them how to promote any affiliate program. Plus the unique twist comes in member's ability to promote Affiliate of the Month itself, as a way of exercising their new affiliate marketing skills."Who Else Wants To Be Paid Up To $500.00 In Cold, Hard CASH...Just To Learn The Hottest Affiliate Marketing Secrets Known To Man?"No, This Is NOT A joke...Not Only is Ewen offering to Pay You Up To $500.00 In Cash...But he's also throwing In Over $1,000.00 Worth Of FREE Advanced Money-Making Videos, plus personally introduce you to his Vast Network Of Million-Dollar Marketers - Just For 'Test Driving' his New Earn-As-You-Learn Canadiens jersey
Affiliate Marketing Training System!But Time Is Short And There's No Time To Lose, so if I were you I would head over to "Affiliate of the Month" and secure your place right now because this opportunity can't last long. "Affiliate of the Month" from the May edition of the Wealthbuilder-Bulletin BoardArticle Source: http://www.shop-on-sale.com Brian Worley :Editor/Publisher :wealthbulder Bulletinboard :Reporting on the Latest Internet MarketingStrategies and Wealthbuilding Opportunities (703) 596 0328Note: The content of this article solely conveys the opinion of its author, wealthbuilder1Retargeting by ChangoDid You Like This Article? Share It With YourFriends!Please Rate this Article 5 out of 54 out of 53 out of 52 out of 51 out of 5 Not yet Rated Click the XML Icon to Receive Free Articles About Affiliate Programs What Cloth Diaper Provides The Top Match For Newborns?- By : mirtagaylWhat is Affiliate Marketing and Why You Should Do It?- By : James A AndersonEarning Money Quickly With Email Marketing - True or False?- By : chad buistMoney Creating Tips Canadiens jersey
For Individuals Involved In An Online Affiliate Marketing Home Business- By : Johnny BarrellGlobal Success Club And How To Make Money Online- By : Don SeanMake Cash Over The Internet With Affiliate Marketing- By : Leroy WheelerWhich Affiliate Networks To Look Out For When Promoting ?- By : Elsa Braxton Still Searching? Last Chance to find what you're looking for. Try using Bing Search!


24 Jan 11 ACC, Big East Football Preview for Saturday

Kevin C. Cox/Getty ImagesThe Big East, as a conference, is taking a break this week. Therefore, I thankfully will not have to write how the Big East needs to step up its game.Cincinnati, Syracuse and West Virginia are all on bye weeks, with three other schools playing Sun Belt opponents and Reebok Washington Redskins #98 ORAKPO Realtree camo Jersey
Rutgers taking on Tulane. Connecticut, however, is playing a BCS opponent in Vanderbilt in what should be a well-matched game.Over in the ACC, we have an in-state matchup with North Carolina and East Carolina, a few tough conference games and a Notre Dame sighting. I thought the Irish were supposed to play Big Ten teams? Wait, Notre Dame isnin the Big Ten?No. 16 Miami (FL) at Clemson (12:00 ET)THE LINE: Miami -3.5THE PLOT: Both teams had bye weeks after crushing losses to ranked teams. The Canes won at Heinz Field 31-3 over Pittsburgh after its bye, and this week it is Clemsonturn to rebound after the bye.This game brings with it huge ACC implications. Though there are seven teams without an in-conference loss thus far, the winner of this gameor quite possibly both teamswill most likely end up in the ACC title match.In terms of matchups, Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney mentioned that the line play will be huge in this game. Theyre second in the nation in sacks and were not giving up many sacks.Clemson is coping much better with injuries than Miami, despite a small scare with quarterback Kyle Parker.THE PICK: Obviously both teams can put on an offensive performance, even against good defensessee Miami vs. Ohio State, and Clemson vs. Auburn. This game will pit a good Tiger defense against a scrappy, speedy and deeply talented Miami offense. Both coaches are relatively new to the ACC and have yet to supplant a name for themselves within the conference.I believe this game will end up being a lot bigger than it seems at face value. Playing in Clemson is nuts, and if the Tiger faithful can get to Jacory Harris like the Buckeye fans did on September 11th, then Clemson walks away with a win. But Miami demoralized what was supposed to be the Big Eastbest team last weekend.THE SCORE: Miami 30, Clemson 28--------------------Vanderbilt at Connecticut (12:00 ET)THE LINE: Connecticut -7.5THE PLOT: In their respective histories, neither team has been outstanding against the opposing conference. The Commodores are just 10-7-1 against the Big East, while the Huskies are only 1-2 against the SEC.Who wins this game?Who wins this game?Connecticut0%Vanderbilt0%Total votes: 0The only previous meeting between the two schools was former Vanderbilt head coach Bobby Johnsonfirst win over a FBS Division 1A school in 2002. Connecticutonly win over a SEC school came last year in the PapaJohns.com Bowl.Vanderbilt has lost both home games this season against Northwestern and No. 19 LSU, but won their only road game at Ole Miss. Saturdaymatchup with the Huskies is in Storrs.As for the Huskies, both home games have resulted in wins by an average margin of nearly six touchdowns. Both road games have resulted in losses, 20-points at Michigan and 14-points at Temple.THE PICK:To be fair, the Huskies have had quarterback problems. To be unfair, they have had quarterback problems for the past five years, averaging around 166 passing yards per game over that span.And if you will believe me, Vanderbilt has a worse passing game this year than Connecticut. Through its first three games, the Commodores have recorded just 383 passing yards. An anemic passing offense is tolerable, I Reebok Pittsburgh Steelers 43 Troy Polamalu Realtree camo Jersey
guess, if you can run the football. But the Commodores do not have a single rusher who averages more than 75 rushing yards per game. The Huskies? They have Jordan Todman.Todman is fifth in the nation in rushing yards per game behindbrace yourselfDenard Robinson, LaMichael James, Daniel Thomas and Mark IngramStreeter Lecka/Getty Images. Todman is going to elevate Connecticut past Vanderbilt at home and put the Huskies over .500 for the first time this year.THE SCORE: Connecticut 23, Vanderbilt 16--------------------Virginia Tech at No. 23 North Carolina State (12:00 ET)THE LINE: Virginia Tech -4.0THE PLOT: Here it is folks. This is the game that will put Virginia Tech back on the map a la Michigan in 2007. Losses to Boise State and James Madison to start the year killed the moral of Hokie nation. I would even argue that the loss to Boise State set the Hokies up for its loss to James Madison on a crummy and rainy day.N.C. State comes into the game at 4-0 sporting a legitimate Heisman contender in Russell Wilson. To put the Wolfpackstart into perspective, the last time they were 4-0 they had Philip Rivers in his prime. There is a lot of hoopla surrounding N.C. State with their unexpected start, which can only be cause for distraction.THE PICK: If you donthink Frank Beamer is treating this game as if it were the last game of his career, youre mistaken. All Beamer does is win ACC Championships. He understands that an ACC match is much more valuable of a win than a game against either James Madison or East Carolina.Who wins this game?Who wins this game?North Carolina State0%Virginia Tech0%Total votes: 0What did the Hokies do last week at Boston College? Virginia Tech shut out the Eagles in the first ACC game of the year.This Saturday, N.C. State walks into a slightly adapted trap game as Virginia Tech regains ACC dominance, despite Ryan Williams second straight absence.THE SCORE: Virginia Tech 31, N.C. State 23--------------------Notre Dame at Boston College (8:00 ET)THE LINE: Notre Dame -3.0THE PLOT: This game will be very evenly matched, in my opinion. Since Notre Dame lost Brady Quinn, the Irish have really played at the level of their opponent, be it up or down. Coincidentally, Boston College also plays at the level of their opponent. The only major difference between the two schools right now, besides history, is recruiting.The Eagles won six straight against the Irish until last year when Notre Dame took away a 20-16 win at home. That was the Eagles worst turnover performance, a -5 turnover margin.A win for either team could really help. Boston College is unproven really, and could use an emergence at quarterback to set the tone for the remainder of the year. Notre Dame could simply use a win, because a 1-3 record to start the year with your lone win coming against a Robert Marve-led PurdueWho wins this gameWho wins this gameBoston College0%Notre Dame0%Total votes: 0 squad in South Bend surely is not cutting it.THE PICK: While Notre Dame has some great playmakers on offense, they will really need the defense to step up. Through four games, the Irish have surrendered nearly 30 points per game. Boston Collegedefense is good enough to hold the Irish under 30 points, so whomever can score more points will win the gameYes, I reread that last sentence.That being said, this mini-rivalry has been awfully low scoring. The past eight games have seen an average combined 37 points per game. I think Ill keep with Reebok Green Bay Packers 21 Charles Woodson Realtree camo Jersey
that trend. Boston College nudges out the win in Chestnut Hill.THE SCORE: Boston College 20, Notre Dame 17LAST WEEKStraight up: 4-0Vs. spread: 2-2OVERALLStraight up: 11-1Vs. spread: 5-7(I failed to predict scores before Week One, but if you would like to count my predictions on Week One from an outside source, you can add the following: Straight up 2-1, Vs. spread 0-3)(Odds courtesy of SportsBook.com by way of our friends at NBCSports.com.)

24 Jan 11 Oregon State Beavers Will Run Home To Victory Against Louisville

Ronald Martinez/Getty ImagesThe Oregon State Beavers are poised for their home opener this Saturday against Louisville. Believe it or not, coming off a loss to #4 TCU must have given the Beavs confidence. Until a high snap over the head of quarterback Ryan Katz, the Black and Orange were ready to tie up the game.Despite an opening week loss, OSU still finds themselves in the AP Top 25, and a blowout win of the struggling Cardinals program could do wonders for the hype entering the Boise State game on September 25 on the blue turf.While the Reebok Pittsburgh Steelers #86 Hines Ward Realtree camo Jersey
TCU defense shut down a Beavers offense looking for an identity, look for the offense to come together against a weaker foe on the turf in Corvallis.Jacquizz Rodgers will likely see more touches against Louisville, with more success. While the Cardinals' defense has been stingy through two games this season, they were beat by the ground game of Kentucky and allowed far too many yards on the ground to Eastern Kentucky in their not-so-convincing 23-13 victory.Kentucky rushed for 230 yards and averaged 6.2 yards per rush against the weak Louisville defensive line and linemen core. With a speedy back like Rodgers handing the bulk of the running game for Oregon State, expect Rodgers and the Beavs to rack up close to 200 yards.The other major concern for Louisville is the amount of penalties they racked up Reebok Pittsburgh Steelers James Harrison Realtree camo Jersey
against Kentucky and Eastern Kentucky. Louisville racked up 100 penalty yards against Eastern Kentucky and looked disjunctive in the offensive line.For Oregon State, head coach Mike Riley will have to find the appropriate balance between run and pass. It appeared he leaned too heavily on the inexperienced Katz against TCU after the Horned Frogs initially shut down Jacquizz. Katz had 25 pass attempts and only completed nine, while Rodgers was held under 20 carries.Additionally, Jacquizz's older brother James was a non-factor, another sign Riley was uneasy using the normal play-calling. James was held under 100 yards receiving, and wasn't included in the running scheme.It would be foolhardy to think the Beavers' defense will give much to Louisville. TCU has one of the most dynamic offenses in the country, Reebok San Francisco 49ers #21 Frank GORE Realtree camo Jersey
and the Cardinals fail in comparison.Overall, these teams just don't match up well. Oregon State has too many weapons and the the Louisville Cardinals still need a few more rebuilding seasons to compete with elite schools. The Beavers should start the home schedule off right against Louisville, and a blowout would really help their national ranking.Catch the Beavers and Cardinals in action this Saturday, September 18 at 2:30 pm PST on Fox Sports local coverage.


22 Jan 11 Iowa Vs. Arizona Football: Live Blog, Stats, Analysis

Scott Halleran/Getty ImagesFeatured Columnist Brett Stephen here to bring you live coverage of the Iowa vs. Arizona game. Tonight we'll get to see if Iowa is truly deserving of a top 10 ranking. A battle of two very good quarterbacks as Ricky Stanzi goes head-to-head with Nick Foles 02:14 AM Reebok Washington Redskins #98 ORAKPO Realtree camo Jersey
ETBall game! 02:14 AM ETone chance for Iowa. crazier things have happened. 02:10 AM ET2nd and 10 02:10 AM ETFirst down ends it. 02:09 AM ETI guess they did. 02:09 AM ETWhy is the clock stopped? Did Iowa use their last timeout? 02:08 AM ETBig win for Arizona. 02:07 AM ETAnd Arizona can now go into victory formation. 02:07 AM ETSacked again! Wow. 4 in a row! 02:07 AM ETStanzi is going to be sore tomorrow. 02:06 AM ETSacked again! 02:06 AM ETThe Iowa offensive line is getting killed. 02:05 AM ETAnother sack! 02:04 AM ET3rd and 12. Iowa timeout. 02:04 AM ETStanzi sacked! He's got to get rid of that ball. 02:03 AM ET2nd and 3 02:03 AM ETPass complete, but tackled immediately. 02:02 AM ETIowa will start near the 40. 02:00 AM ETalmost 4 minutes left on the clock. plenty of time for Iowa 02:00 AM ETTouchdown! 02:00 AM ETWright has to make that catch. 01:59 AM ETincomplete in the corner of the endzone. 01:59 AM ET2nd and goal from the 5 yard line. 01:58 AM ETFirst and goal at the nine. 01:58 AM ETFirst down. 01:57 AM ETI think Boise St and LSU might disagree. 01:56 AM ETDid Bob Davie just say that Iowa has the best defensive line in the country? 01:56 AM ETnice play on 2nd and 16. 3rd and very short. 01:54 AM ETArizona lineman down on the field. Hopefully just a cramp. 01:53 AM ETThat's a bad play call right there. 01:53 AM ETThe Wildcats aren't done yet. 01:50 AM ETFoles can show what he's made of here. Will he crack under this pressure or regroup and lead his team to the win? 01:49 AM ETMissed extra point? Wow.Iowa special teams are terrible. 01:47 AM ETPick-six. Iowa returns the favor. 01:45 AM ETArizona needs an answer here. 01:41 AM ETThat's a good call. 01:40 AM ETThis should be a touchdown 01:39 AM ETIowa needs to capitalize here. 01:38 AM ETThis will be pass interference. 01:38 AM ETCall overturned. Iowa ball. 01:36 AM ETIowa player was clearly down with the ball before Arizona took it away from him. 01:35 AM ETThey may review this. 01:35 AM ETWow! Almost a gift for Iowa. 01:34 AM ETTime is running out for the Hawkeyes. 01:34 AM ET4th and 15. 01:33 AM ETAnother sack! Wow. AZ defense is playing inspired ball right now. 01:29 AM ETNice patience on the screen, but not enough for the first. Punt unit on. 01:24 AM ETGood call. Foles was wrapped up and he took a cheap shot. 01:24 AM ETShot to the head. Should have been a penalty 01:22 AM ETI know it's early, but every second counts. 01:22 AM ETStay in bounds! 01:21 AM ETZona needs a long, sustained drive here that results in at least 3 points. 01:20 AM ETAnother sack! They are dominating the line of scrimmage. 01:19 AM ETHawkeyes again going the wrong way. 01:19 AM ETWildcat fans....15 minutes to the upset. 01:16 AM ETgood, hard tackling by the Wildcats. Iowa just cant get their running game going. 01:16 AM ETIncomplete pass. Over-thrown by Stanzi. 01:15 AM ETAnother pass interference call. 01:15 AM ETFlag down as defender maybe hit McNutt a little early. 01:14 AM ETBig tackle for a loss. 01:13 AM ETPass interference. First down Iowa. Stoops is not happy. 01:13 AM ETFlag down 01:12 AM ETHampton limps off of the field under his own power. 01:12 AM ETHampton, who missed last season with a torn ACL, is down on the field. 01:11 AM ETIowa doesn't seem to be panicing, still running the ball. 01:11 AM ETPunt barely passes the first down marker. 01:10 AM ETArizona lined up to punt. Reebok Pittsburgh Steelers 43 Troy Polamalu Realtree camo Jersey
01:10 AM ETUmpire being checked for a concussion on the sideline. 01:09 AM ETIowa fans look to be a little more upbeat as their defense steps up this possession. 01:08 AM ETOfficial took a shoulder to the head as he was spotting the ball. Looks dazed but ok. 01:07 AM ETOfficial down on the field. 01:07 AM ETThird and 32 coming up. 01:06 AM ETOuch, big pressure and a big hit as Foles loses 12 yards on the blitz 01:06 AM ETUnless Zona scores again, this game isn't over. 01:05 AM ETExpect a heavy dose of Grigsby here. 01:05 AM ETFoles is efficient. 01:04 AM ETI think Stanzi may be dropped from those conversations after tonight. 01:04 AM ETIs Nick Foles in the conversation for one of the best QBs in the Nation? 01:03 AM ETAnother first down pass by Foles. 01:03 AM ETNwoko running hard for 5 yards. 12:58 AM ETCan they mount a comeback? 12:58 AM ETNice deep route and great pass by Stanzi. Touchdown. 12:57 AM ETwow, generous spot! 12:57 AM ETIowa just can't get anything going. Wildcats are living in the backfield. 12:56 AM ETYes! The penalties are making this game drag. Let em play! 12:53 AM ETBig defensive stop on third and short. Loss of four. Zona will punt. 12:53 AM ETVery Dwight Shrute of him! 12:52 AM ETMark Jones rockin' the short sleeve shirt and tie. Nice! 12:52 AM ETPlay stopped. Clock correction. 12:52 AM ET3 WRs for Zona. 12:50 AM ETAlso a morale hit to the Hawkeye defense. 12:50 AM ETThat's what they need to do! Big play. First down. 12:50 AM ETHopefully Arizona won't get too conservative with their play calling. They need to put the nail in the coffin. 12:49 AM ETBig break for Iowa. That could have been big. 12:48 AM ETPunt return being reviewed. If he wasn't down, this could be a back-breaker for Iowa. 12:45 AM ETnice job by the Iowa punt unit. 12:44 AM ETgain of 7, but only back to the original line of scrimmage. 12:43 AM ETStanzi sacked. Arizona doesn't look to be letting up. 12:39 AM ETIowa takes over at their 35 yardline. 12:38 AM ETIncomplete. Wildcats will have to punt. 12:38 AM ETBig third down for Zona 12:37 AM ETTimeout Arizona 12:36 AM ETA little fire in the Iowa defense? 12:35 AM ETFoles smartly throws the ball at the feet of his RB as the screen play was busted. 12:35 AM ETNick Foles continues to pick the Iowa defense apart. 12:34 AM ETIowa has a deep hole to climb out of in the second half. 12:33 AM ETTouchback. 12:26 AM ETI wonder how Iowa will respond on the opening kickoff. Their coach just called out their special teams on national tv. 12:10 AM ETHalftime. 27-7 Arizona. Will Iowa regroup in the second half? 12:09 AM ETSquib kick. Iowa will take over at the 41 yard line. 12:08 AM ET27-7 Wildcats. 12:07 AM ETField goal attempt from 47 yards. Kick is good. 12:07 AM ETAlmost picked. Foles needs to compose himself. 12:06 AM ETMissed that one too. A little too high for wide open Criner. 12:05 AM ETFoles missed that one. Good look though. 12:05 AM ETWide open Wright. Zona is moving the chains. 12:05 AM ETNice strong run by Grigsby. 12:04 AM ETGood, patient draw play by Zona. First down. 12:03 AM ETIowa needs a stop. 12:03 AM ETArizona looks like they want to put up more points before halftime. 12:02 AM ETAnother ridiculous punt! But out of the endzone. Touchback. 12:01 AM ETStanzi is begging to be picked off. 11:59 PM ETIowa moving the chains easily now. Can they keep it up? 11:58 PM ETStanzi chooses to stay in bounds and take the hit for an extra 5 yards. Like the passion but as a QB you have to be careful. 11:57 PM ET5 WRs, completes over the middle for a first down. 11:57 PM ETIowa starts at the 20. 11:57 PM ETYou're in college, you can't catch a ball on your knees and then get up. You have to be smarter than that. 11:56 PM ETIowa needs to get something going before halftime if they want any chance of winning this game. 11:53 PM ETWildcats will have to settle for a field goal. 11:50 PM ETAnother big run for Arizona. First and goal after the 18 yard run. 11:49 PM ETMichigan State just won in overtime on a fake field goal. WOW! 11:48 PM ETArizona moving the ball in chunks. 16 yard run. First down. 11:47 PM ETAnother first down on a nice Reebok Green Bay Packers 21 Charles Woodson Realtree camo Jersey
crossing route. 11:46 PM ETFirst down Wildcats. Every seconds that runs off is big for Iowa right now. 11:46 PM ETBig hit! gain of 5. 11:45 PM ETWow! That punt seemed to be in the air for 10 seconds. 11:44 PM ETAnother stop for the Wildcats. 11:43 PM ETDraw play doesn't fool anyone. No gain. 11:42 PM ETStanzi deep. Should have been caught. 11:39 PM ETIowa takes over at their own 44. 11:39 PM ETLooks like OT in East Lansing. 11:38 PM ETIncomplete. 3 and out for the Wildcats. Not good for their defense. 11:38 PM ETAntolin with a 3 yard run. 3rd and 5. 11:37 PM ETBobbled punt reception. Zona needs a long offensive drive here to give the defense a rest. 11:36 PM ET4th down for the Hawkeyes. 11:34 PM ETIowa should run the ball every play. The Wildcats defense is exhausted. 11:30 PM ET21-7. This is not good for the Arizona defense. They haven't had a rest yet. 11:29 PM ETWildcats take the Iowa kickoff to the house! 20-7. Extra point pending. 11:27 PM ETIowa had a great drive. Zona defense looks exhausted. 11:27 PM ETHampton comes out of the backfield to catch a touchdown pass. 11:25 PM ETComing out of a timeout, let's see what the Iowa offense does. They need a touchdown here to get some of the momentum. 11:23 PM ETTimeout Arizona. 11:23 PM ET3rd and goal from the 4 yard line. 11:23 PM ETHampton just blew up a linebacker on an absolutely incredible block by a RB. 11:22 PM ETPass in traffic. Tipped by Wildcat defender. 11:21 PM ETBarn burner in Michigan as Notre Dame and Michigan St are locked up at 28. 11:19 PM ETAt the end of the first quarter, Iowa trails 14-0, but looking better on this drive. 11:19 PM ET2nd and goal 11:19 PM ETZona defense tightens up on the goal line. 11:18 PM ETFirst and goal after another first down pass by Stanzi. 11:18 PM ETZona defense looks winded. They've been on the field a lot. 11:17 PM ETStanzi completes 10 yard pass to McNutt. First down. 11:17 PM ETPass Interference. First down Iowa. 11:16 PM ETGoes deep again. Almost picked but it looks like the receiver was held. 11:15 PM ETStanzi goes deep again and again over-throws it. 11:15 PM ETFirst down for the Hawkeyes on the Arizona 48. 11:15 PM ETDeep ball to McNutt. Great catch. Flag on the play, but it'll be declined. 11:14 PM ETIowa facing a third and 3. Big play here. 11:13 PM ETZona front 7 continue to be stingy. 11:12 PM ETFumble. Recovered by Iowa. 11:11 PM ETPlayaction works to perfection. 46 yard pass to Criner. 11:11 PM ETFoles looking confident. 11:10 PM ETChains come out. First down. 11:10 PM ETFoles hits roommate Douglas for an apparent first down. 11:09 PM ETZona runs the ball for 3 yards. Can they put more pressure on the Hawkeyes with a nice, methodical drive? 11:06 PM ETGets the punt off, but Iowa gunner runs into receiver as he fair catches the punt. Not smart. Iowa continues to make things more difficult. 11:05 PM ETIowa's punting unit is on. 11:05 PM ETStanzi nearly picked again. 11:03 PM ETSo far the Wildcats are shocking the world, or at least shocking the state of Iowa. 11:02 PM ETReview of the last run to see if Iowa fumbled. That would be devastating. 11:01 PM ETNothing happening there. No gain. third and long. 11:01 PM ETDidn't work as well this time. 2 yard gain. 11:00 PM ETStanzi escapes trouble and scrambles for 14 yards and the first down. 10:59 PM ETHawkeyes moving the wrong way.3rd and 8. 10:59 PM ETA cool 90 degrees on the field tonight. 10:56 PM ETThis is not what the Hawkeyes had planned for tonight. 10:56 PM ETIowa will start at the 20 for the third time. 10:55 PM ETCan Iowa regroup? 10:54 PM ETThe Hawkeyes find themselves in a big hole early on the road. They're in for a long night at this pace. 10:54 PM ETPick six for the Wildcats! 10:53 PM ETChanges the play at the line and it was a good call as they run the ball for 17 yards. 10:52 PM ETStanzi has all day to throw and completes it for a first down. 10:52 PM ETStanzi over throws the deep ball again. 10:51 PM ET2nd and 9. Crowd is deafening. 10:51 PM ET1st down on the 45 yard line. Short run. 10:50 PM ETNice safe play to get the chains moving. 10:49 PM ETRicky Stanzi is a great quarterback and a leader. Lets see if he can respond to the early deficit. 10:47 PM ETHawkeyes are on upset alert early. 10:47 PM ETTouchdown Arizona! 10:45 PM ETFirst play by the Wildcats was almost intercepted. 10:44 PM ETMomentum definitely in the Wildcats' favor. 10:44 PM ETPunt blocked. Wildcats will Reebok Minnesota Vikings #84 Randy Moss Realtree camo Jersey
take over inside their own 10 yard line. 10:43 PM ETThe Arizona cheerleaders looked "happy" 10:43 PM ETHad a man but over-threw him. fourth down 10:42 PM ETThird and long. Stanzi lines them up 10:42 PM ETStopped for no gain again by a swarm of red. 10:42 PM ETLoss of two yards. Arizona is fired up. Lets see how long they can keep it up. 10:41 PM ETTouchback. Ricky Stanzi comes out with his offense. 10:41 PM ETPAC 10 versus Big Ten. This should be a good one. Hawkeyes will receive. Wildcats tee it up and here we go. 10:38 PM ETIowa will get the ball first. 10:37 PM ETWildcats in red, Hawkeyes in white. 10:33 PM ETRicky Stanzi is having a great season thus far, completing over 70% of his passes. On the other side, Nick Foles is completing over 80% of his passes, so it is bound to be an air-it-out affair tonight. Kick-off at 10:40 PM ET.


18 Jan 11 Big 12 Football: Thursday Morning One-Liners

http://i434.photobucket.com/albums/qq62/Pumchavas28/ChristineMichael.jpgBaylor will be heading to Houston to play Rice this weekend. It is safe to say that Colorado athletes are excited about the move to the Pac-10. One Iowa State offensive lineman is concerned with the number of penalties that the Cyclones have surrenderedHouston Texans jersey
thus far on the year. If Kansas wants to progress as a team, they know where to startthe offensive line. Kansas Statestarting center Wade Weibert prefers that he fly under the radar. Due to the passing game prevailing for Missouri, Tiger running backs will need to battle to shine. Redshirt freshman quarterback Taylor Martinez is playing perfectly well for Nebraska right now. Cornhuskers head coach Bo Pelini does not want to decrease the workload of his starting quarterback. (I have a feeling it wonbe too long before fans who dislike the Huskers and all analysts start to mention that Martinez has no future in the NFL, a la Eric Crouch.) No. 8 Oklahoma is one of three Big 12 teams on the precipice of the top 5, waiting for a mistake to be made. Oklahoma StateChris Donaldson has transitioned extremely well since transferring Indianapolis Colts jersey
from junior college. Whatgot Texas fans all hot and bothered, calling for the head of their offensive coordinator Mac McWhorter? What exactly has Texas AMChristine Michael done so far this year? Tommy Tuberville and Texas Tech are excited about their new jumbo video screen.